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Ken Hill hails from Northern California and has had motorcycles in his life for over 20 years. Ken currently owns KH Coaching and is the lead instructor at the Yamaha Champions Riding School and also held that position at the Freddie Spencer Riding School. His racing accomplishments include track records, class championships and top 10 in AMA Superbike competition at age 41. Ken has been a test rider for RoadRacing World and Cycle World magazines, including publishing many articles. Ken currently works with Rickdiculous Racing on not only improving riders’ on bike skills, but also in how our sport is taught off the bike. Listen as Ken Hill gives invaluable information to help you become a safer rider and a faster rider on the track in his series of podcasts. On your commute or in the background at the office, listen to this series and learn how to quit crashing your coffee.

What's new for 2016 and brake or throttle to the apex?

Different Rider, Different Technique?

Over slowing your corner entries?

Slowest Point Of The Corner - This is what our sport is all about.

Advice Vs Technique - Which should you listen to?

Order of the Sport - Fundamentals - Eyes and Focus

Order of the Sport - Fundamentals - Motor Control

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